Operations Engineer III
J.B. Hunt Transportation

Heyo, my real name is Devin W. Leaman and I go by 4lch4 (Al-kuh) nearly everywhere online. In the odd case it's taken, I tend to go with 4lch4z or Alchaz if need be.

I'm just some dude who likes making and fixing things that usually involve a mouse and/or keyboard.

I started writing code back in high school when a teacher of mine (Yui Shin) used VisualBasic programming to teach GIS related topics. After falling in love with it, I went to college in Fort Smith, AR and got a bachelor's in Information Technology - Programming.

My full-time gig is as a NOC Engineer/Operations Engineer at J.B. Hunt Transportation. I started there in January/February of 2019 as a contractor and converted to full time in February of 2020, just before COVID really took America by storm.