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Hello World!


This is the first of many posts on my blog. I intend on adding all of the writing I've done before, as well as anything done in the future.

About Me

Since this is my first post I figure I should introduce myself. My name is Devin W. Leaman, and I go by 4lch4 (Al-kuh) online. I'm currently 26 years old and live in Arkansas, USA.

I've been a programmer professionally since 2015 where my first job after college was a Jr. Software Test Engineer for SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. My primary job was to test the various products we provided before they were released but I was also responsible for converting their iOS/macOS application to Android which was my first professional experience writing code.

After SAPIEN I moved back to AR and began doing freelance work through Upwork. Most of this was customizing SquareSpace sites beyond the default abilities with JavaScript or custom CSS. Some of it involved more custom work such as building a website using Angular or Jekyll, depending on the customers needs.

Following my stint as a freelancer I began working as a contractor in the NOC at J.B. Hunt in February of 2019. In February 2020, just before COVID took the US by storm, I was converted to a full time employee and have been a NOC Engineer at J.B. Hunt ever since. My responsibilities range from providing support for developers with their CI/CD pipelines, to helping resolve active issues in Production as they occur, and developing applications that make our jobs of supporting the company infrastructure a bit easier or more efficient.

What Will I Write About?

Well, I won't be boxing myself into anything in particular. That said, at the time of this post the most writing I tend to do is technical guides, documentation for various projects, or an explanation of something interesting that I've learned recently.

Aside from technical things, I'll also wind up writing about my life in general and the various things I do.

All that said, I hope if you're reading this then you'll enjoy the rest of what I write 😅